Tobias Weichart

Senior Software Engineer


Who I am? I'm Tobias and I'm a Senior Software Engineer.

What I do? Front & Backend, DevOps and most important: learning every day!

What I'm looking for? New challenges and a chat with you!


Tobias Weichart




Galway, Ireland


Senior Software Engineer

2020/12 - present


A new start in the world of Email Security, DNS Filtering and Email Archiving! New adventures await me here.

Senior Software Engineer

2019/12 - 2020/11


Supporting a solid and matured environment on a PHP/AWS basis, I can contribute to the modernisation of the infrastructure by applying best practices in the world of microservices. With Laravel for the Backend and Vue.js for the Frontend, a new and fully cloud native servicemap is being created while still keeping the high quality standards up that the current platform has. By extending the current environment with various tests (Unit & Selenium) we're prepared for the future as well.

Senior Application Developer

2019/07 - 2019/11

Supply Chain Formulae

Mostly working with PHP and AWS, my skill set could be extended with a deeper dive into the Symfony framework. I've contributed to the modernisation, restructuring and reworking of the applications but could also assist in changing internal workflows, so that a modern style of software developing could be achieved.

Team Leader Frontend Technologies

2018/03 - 2019/07

InterNetX GmbH

By the experience gained in the last years with modern web technologies I was assigned to lead the development of the redesign of one of the biggest platforms the company has. Still being responsible for the projects I've successfully supervised before, the complete rewrite of a stable yet aged frontend was started. Using the modern technologies stack I became familiar with over the last years (Laravel + Vue.js, Docker + Kubernetes) this challenging new project was started and is progressing rapidly towards a new experience for all - developer just like end user.

Senior Software Engineer

2015/10 - 2018/03

InterNetX GmbH

Based on the latest web technologies (e.g. Laravel, Vue.js) my focus was set on a stable yet fully automated environment (Docker/Kubernetes + GitLab) with a good basis for everybody on the team to work with. New technologies are always welcome as long as everybody can learn them fast enough to get a real benefit out of it in a short time. Apart from the frontend I've also created multiple APIs (NodeJS) for various projects that don't fit the normal scheme.

Senior Web Developer

2013/07 - 2015/09

HalloWelt! GmbH

The team developed a framework tailored to the needs of business customers based on the famous MediaWiki software. One part of the job was working closely with the customers to define and then implement their special needs for the software. The other part was the development of the core framework always looking out for stability and good usability. Planning and maintaining the releases was also my responsibility.


2010/08 - 2013/07

HalloWelt! GmbH

I've started to learn all about the handicraft of software development here. Having a good basis is always important, so I've learned the most important things for a good and long lasting project. Having all of the IT before me (from soft- to hardware to networking) I could get a nice overview of the world of IT, always finding new ways to learn and to build up the knowledge I now have.